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There were also several issues for example voluntary demotions
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His dishonesty in early stages from the investigation

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Posted on: 02/29/16
Last July, Yee, 67, pleaded guilty to racketeering charges regarding the two criminal enterprises in adetailed agreement. He faced up to two decades in federal prison along with a fine of $250,000, plus restitution for every of the two counts. His plea deal reduced that possible sentence.

Earlier this month, federal prosecutors asked U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer to sentence Yee to eight years in prison, 3 years of supervised release along with a fine of $25,000.

In an extended sentencing memo (which you'll and should read below), prosecutors outlined the things they saw like a pattern of bad behavior by Lee that went far beyond the costs he pleaded guilty to.

His dishonesty in early stages from the investigation, they wrote, "demonstrate a venal attitude toward his position being an elected public official along with a willingness to abuse his position of trust in a variety of ways. They also reveal a disconnect between your face that Yee creates to the public and the true nature and character. They necessarily cast a shadow over his career like a public servant and legislation he's sponsored."

James Lassart, Yee's lawyer, asked the sentence vary from four to 5 years. He argued that Yee's criminal actions were from character, that there's little likelihood he'll return to crime when released which Yee must care for his ill wife.
"He has spent his entire life helping others," Lassart wrote within the sentencing memo (also located below). "Indeed, incarceration at his age with his wife's grave health does not make sense along with a sentence of home confinement could be equally efficient and less costly than incarceration.

"Yee didn't commit the charged offense from greed. He didn't live a deluxe lifestyle or desire expensive things. Yee didn't directly benefit financially for providing his help further criminal activity. Unfortunately, Yee didn't adhere to his lifetime principles of honesty and integrity."

During the sentencing hearing, after hearing each side, Judge Breyer said he didn't think leniency was deserved within the case.Sentencing guidelines ranged from four years, 3 months to five years, 11 months.

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